Current Online Classes


Online private lessons now available! Video review, trouble shooting and how to videos all included on the canine sport topic of your choice. Email for more information.

Online Classes

Anytime enrollment

Intro to Sports: Disc Dog at Consider the Dog

Intro to Sports: Scent Work at Consider the Dog

Beginning February 2022

Tricks for Titles

All the Sports

Beginning April, 2022

Disc Dog: Handler’s Choice

All the Sports: Building on the Basics

Beginning June 2022

Strategies for Strategy Disc Games

Mondioring Obedience

Beginning August 2022

Reliable Retrieves

Control Games for Protection Sports

Beginning December 2022

Bombproof Behaviors

Tricks With a Purpose

Beginning December 2022

Freestyle Disc Tricks

Additional workshops and webinars through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy

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