Boring days are good, too.

For some of us, our daily routines have altered drastically due to the pandemic. Some of us are working from home, or not working at all. This change has resulted in a different routine for our dogs, one that has their beloved family members at their side constantly. It’s a great time to have aContinue reading “Boring days are good, too.”


Mud’s brother Smudge is being fostered by my good friend and training partner, Crystal Wing. She is a fantastic dog trainer and is dedicated to giving him a well-rounded foundation. Crystal has done a great job documenting each day with him and what they’ve been working on. I asked her to put together something showingContinue reading “Smudge”

Mud Puppy Goes Swimming!

Mud puppy had another adventure day yesterday! We started the day working on the hold foundation exercise that we introduced the previous day. This time, we switched to a new toy that he hasn’t played with before, one that would allow me to present it in a way that looks similar to how I wouldContinue reading “Mud Puppy Goes Swimming!”

The Mud Puppy Chronicles

We are living in a unique time, one where our normal training patterns might be halted due to the need to stay isolated from one another. It is difficult to have a puppy right now, socialization opportunities are difficult to come by. But, with a bit of creativity and dedication, we can still give ourContinue reading “The Mud Puppy Chronicles”