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Sara Brueske has been training dogs since she was eleven years old.  She has trained and competed in various dog sports including mondioring, IGP, agility, disc dog and dock diving.  Sara has been employed by Purina as an ambassador for the human-dog bond where she and her dogs performed for the public. Currently, Sara travels the world presenting on a variety of topics as well as teaches online classes through Fenzi Dog Sport Academy. She is active in dog rescue as well, having fostered and placed dozens of homeless dogs into their forever homes.

Sara has hands-on experience with a large variety of breeds. Currently she shares her home with thirteen dogs of various sizes, temperaments and origins. Check out her family members below!


Edgar is a Boston Terrier/Shih Tzu mix that Sara adopted from the Franklin County Humane Society when he was surrendered due to needing expensive surgery on his eyes. Edgar loves to train in agility, tricks and disc and he puts a smile on everyone’s faces! A small dog with a lot of personality.


Zuma is a Border Collie mix that was found as a stray in Missouri. Sara adopted her from Little House Rescue in Minnesota and she became the Minnesota State Disc Dog Champion as well as competed in agility. Zuma was a multiple time world disc qualifier before she retired and she still loves to train in tricks and boss the other dogs around at home.


Knockout Nelli is a Labrador Retriever who needed a new home after her owners had a dramatic change of lifestyle. This talented lab enjoys diving dog, agility and disc but her newest obsession is scent work! Sara is excited to start competing with her in this sport soon.

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Kickstart is a Border Collie who excels at disc dog, diving dog and loves to train in agility. She has an impressive repertoire of tricks as well. There’s nothing this dog can’t do and she’s one of the sweetest dogs that Sara owns.


Zip Tie is an Australian Koolie who was imported from Australia as a young puppy. He was the 2016 Overall Champion for the UpDog International Finals and the 2017 Freestyle Champion for the same competition. He knows how to use his speed on the dock and in agility as well! However, his most-loved job is to hang out with Sara’s husband as he works in his shop.


Famous is a Belgian Malinois who Sara purchased from Wartree Malinois in Oregon. She excels in many sports including disc, agility, diving, IGP, mondioring and scent work. It’s hard to focus on just one sport when Famous is so well-rounded and talented.

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Rush is a tiny Papillon that was bred by Checkitout Papillons in Oklahoma. He may be tiny, but he loves to run with the big dogs! His best friend at home is Famous, the Belgian Malinois. Currently, Rush is training and competing in disc dog and agility and is Sara’s favorite road trip companion.


Frizzle is an Australian Koolie bred by Canadian Cobar Coolies. Her sport career is limited due to a toe injury, however she still enjoys training as she can. Swimming, disc and trick training are her favorite activities!


Brilliant is Sara’s first home-bred Australian Koolie. She is Bazinga and Zip Tie’s daughter and shows great talent for disc dog. She is a fun dog to train and tackles any new behavior head on and with joy. Brilliant is training in disc, agility and scent work and Sara hopes to compete with her in all three sports soon.


Taboo is a Border Collie x Staffordshire Bull Terrior mix that was in a neglectful situation and in need of a new home. Taboo is one of the smartest dogs in Sara’s home and often demonstrates that intelligence by getting herself into trouble. She is a phenomenal trick, disc and diving dog and is currently putting those brains to work by learning scent work as well.


Bazinga is an Australian-born Australian Koolie. She is a small dog with a lot of heart. Bazinga was the 2016 Freestyle Champion at the UpDog International Finals and competes in agility, disc dog and dock diving as well. She is a one-in-a-million dog and holds a very special place in Sara’s heart.

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Kreacher is Sara’s youngest Belgian Malinois, acquired from a friend in Wisconsin as a very promising mondioring prospect. He is about to begin his competition career in 2020 and Sara cannot be more thrilled about his future!


Wild is Sara’s newest addition, a young Australian Koolie imported from Katalina Koolies in Australia. She is showing a lot of promise in agility, dock diving and disc dog and her future is looking very bright!

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